Reverse Logistics

Review the Case Study #3. The paper should be 2-4 pages in length addition to the cover page and reference section. You must include at least two peer reviewed sources that are both cited and referenced.

1. Explain what you would recommend handling this repackaging? What would be your strategic vision to address the challenges with this situation?

2. Would you use your existing returns process to handle this volume? Why or why not?

3. What costs would you consider in comparing the cost of this repackaging to the outsourced option? How will you present it to the owner because of his concerns about losing money on these units?

4. What message would you give the customer service group to inform people about the repackaging? What timeframe will you commit to the organization?

5. Given that the organization will have to re-handle these items, is there anything else that could be done since these items will have to be repackaged?

6. What virtual elements would you include in your solution? Consider using any of the tools in Chapter 8 or 9 of the Gordon & Curlee text.

In all the cases, you will not have all the information you need to provide a definitive solution; make whatever assumptions you need (be sure to indicate what they are and make sure that you have provided a solid basis for the assumption!) and work the case. You will need to apply ‘conceptual thinking’ to arrive at satisfactory answers for all cases. That means that you will not find the answers for any of the cases in this or any other text you must go beyond what is there. Merely trying to respond to each”symptom” listed in the case study is likely to take you in the wrong direction as the real ‘problems lie beyond the case write-up in the text.

APA requires that you write in the third person. Therefore “I would, I think, I recommend, you, we and us” are inappropriate. Avoid emotional subjective statements and avoid talking about the need for, or the desire to do, more or future studies: Solutions, actions, alternatives, and recommendations are required based on the information given. Be sure to list and justify any assumptions you choose to make.