review on construction

My industry is road construction. We are interested in hiring robots for to be our traffic flaggers.
This week we read the concept of disruptive innovation. We have witnessed how leading companies failed to identify potential disruptive innovations in their industry, until it is too late.
Many of you are coming from different industry with years of experience in that industry, I want you to share your view regarding how susceptible your industry to be disrupted. This article from HBR (How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? This 22 Matrix Will Tell You, 2018, can provide some guidance regarding which industry faces more threats from disruptive technology or innovation.
While your industry could be low or high in the current or future disruption score, I want you also to share your observation about some innovations or technology in your field/industry that you believe could become disruptive to the incumbents. Provide supporting arguments why in your view that innovation(s) or technology have some potential to create shock in the industry.