Review the StatCrunch resource in MyStatLab.

Dependent Variable (DV). /regards, Dr. Horne appedix follow upload.let me aware if enough information DeVeaux, D., Sharpe, N., & Velleman, P., (n.d.). Pearson MyStatLab 4th Edition. Retrieved from Instructions You will submit a paper that describes the scenario provided in the final project case study, identifies quantifiable factors that may affect operational performance, develops a problem statement, and proposes a strategy for resolving a company’s problem. • Read the Brief Case on pages 685 and 686, of Chapter 19 • Review the StatCrunch resource in MyStatLab. You will access the QSO 510 data set, save to your computer, and upload the data set into StatCrunch. Here is a resource to access StatCrunch tutorials. • You will calculate the central tendency for the dependent variable, develop a histogram of the gift amount and develop scatterplots for the gift amount for each independent variable. • You can save your calculations. Here is a Saving, Copying, Printing, and Downloading Results PDF with the directions for saving, copying, printing, and downloading results.