Safety for Older Adults

Safety for Older Adults
Complete your Module 3 Assignment by the end of Week 3.
Thanks to medical and wellness initiatives and improvements, Americans are generally living longer. In 2014, 14.5% (46.3 million) of the U.S. population was aged 65 or older and is projected to reach 23.5% (98 million) by 2060 (, 2019). As a result, more and more resources must be directed toward caring for an aging population.
In this assignment, you will expand your investigation of research data and evidence-based practices to encompass at least one other objective for older adults under the Healthy People 2030 initiative and develop a presentation of your findings for an appropriate audience.
Step 1. ReviewReview your research for the Module 2 assignment and expand it to also address other healthcare issues of older adults in all healthcare settings. Use the Healthy People 2030: Older Adults Overview and Objectives link provided on the Learning Objects page, and then review the other tab: Evidence-Based Resources.
Step 2. SelectSelect an issue, topic, or condition for further analysis relating to healthcare for the older adult population based upon your review of the information on the Healthy People 2030 site. Also select a healthcare setting, such as a hospital setting, community health agency, or long-term-care (LTC) facility, or other setting.
Step 3. FormulateFollowing procedures similar to those you performed for the Module 2 assignment, formulate a quality improvement plan for the issue, topic, or condition you selected in Step 2. Include a list of stakeholders (healthcare leaders and workers, family members, agency officials, etc.) needed to implement your plan.
Step 4. IdentifyIdentify financial and human considerations and needs for your plan. For example, determine the amount of money that will be needed to implement the plan and the number of people needed for this project.

Step 5. CreateCreate a presentation to enlist support and engagement from an interprofessional team to promote and implement your plan. Your presentation should include a title slide and an APA-formatted references slide.
Step 6. NarrateRecord a video of your presentation or write a script and provide associated slides to align with your script.
Step 7. SubmitSubmit:

Link to video or
Slides saved as a PDF file, and
Script as a Word file or incorporated in the Notes sections of each slide.