Sage 100 Contractor Analysis

1) A brief reminder of the name and purpose of your chosen information system
2) Description of networking, communications, and security components of your information system
3) Impact of the information system on the users and/or the organization
4) Competitive analysis of the system, including how the system helps users and/or the organization address its business processes (or personal tasks, if not a business system)
5) 3 well-developed recommendations for improving and enhancing your chosen information system
6) Conclusion.  

-Attached is a template for the essay. Specific details about what to include in each section can be found in the attached template.
-Replace the paragraphs in teh essay but DO NOT change the headings and sub headings in the template.
-Minimum 3 sources
-First analysis of Sage 100 Contractor attached for reference
-Textbook attached for reference
-1500 word minimum