Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

You are the Procurement Officer for SamaritanPharmaceuticals, Inc. a small biotechnology firm that produces medicinesdesigned to combat a variety of life-threatening diseases. In the past fewyears, your company has made ground-breaking discoveries for the treatment ofvarious types of cancers. The demand for your medicines is high with 1.2million registered patients. The current growth rate in demand for yourproducts is 12% each quarter. Your medications require a special bioengineeredsolution that serves as the medium for these medicines administered throughIntravenous (IV) injection. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, your mainsupplier for bioengineered solutions has gone out of business.

This paper does not have to be APA format, butit should number each answer so it is clear which question you are answering.You do not need to repeat the question in your paper, but you must write youranswers in complete sentences, using a paragraph structure to answer eachnumbered question. 
Grading this case study will be based on youruse of concepts, models, and tools discussed in our readings. There are noabsolute right and wrong answers; your content will be graded on thethoroughness of your analysis and support of your conclusions. This is why itis vital for you to include your analysis and reasoning in your answers. About20% of your grade is based on writing: clarity, grammar, sentence structure,spelling, and punctuation. Please submit as a Microsoft Word document.