sampling procedures used to collect data

Lab Assignment: Check out some of the datasets collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics at (Links to an external site.) Select a dataset and describe the sampling procedures used to collect data. What type of sample is it? Probability sample? Non-probability sample? What type of random sample? How representative is the sample? Is the sample generalizable? Explain with examples.
Lab Assignment: Propose a sampling design that would be appropriate for your research proposal. Define the population, identify the sampling frame(s), and specify the elements and any other units of analysis (e.g., individual, group, institutional) at different stages. Indicate the exact procedure (step by step) for selecting individuals to be included in the sample. What specific type of sample is most appropriate for your research topic? Is your sample a probability random sample or non-probability sample? Explain the exact procedures that would make it random or not?
Lab Assignment Due: All web exercises and answer the following questions: Explain your sampling design approach in detail for your research proposal. Specifically, what type of sample do you plan to utilize in your research proposal? What is your sample size? Explain your rationale clearly. How representative and generalizable is your sample?

My research proposal is on hate crimes in LA