School Shootings

For this assignment, you will write a 5.75-7.99 page researched argument paper that incorporates at least four sources and uses the citation and format method you named in your research proposal. No more than half of the sources should come from the internet, and Wikipedia cannot be one of the sources. Feel free to use the sources you found for your Annotated Bibliography assignment, but you are not committed to them. It’s up to you. Regardless of what you come up with, a reference list appropriate to your format must be attached as a separate page and does not count toward the page count. A title page is optional but similarly does not contribute to the total page count.
The paper must have a well-developed thesis, an engaging introduction, well-supported evidence, an appropriate rebuttal of a counterargument, and an appropriate conclusion on the topic described in your research proposal.  Do not deviate from the topic in your research proposal without meeting with me first. Your writing voice should sound scholarly or literary (formal), not like your speaking voice. Avoid generalizations and oversimplifications in your writing, focusing instead on specifics. You should consider the audience for this paper to be general, well-educated readers. If you are writing a paper that is specific to your particular field, you can consider others in the field your audience. Be sure the final draft is titled, copy-edited, and polished.