science controversy

Choose a contemporary controversy within a scientific field. Begin by introducing the controversy and summarizing the competing points of view. In the body of your essay, use primary and secondary sources to elaborate each side’s strengths and weaknesses. This should be carried out through some combination of: identification of a paper’s presuppositions, engagement with a study’s methodologies or statistical analysis, and evaluation of the conclusions of your sources. You may also want to interrogate the sources of secondary sources by vetting their works cited, etc. End your paper with a conclusion that renders a final verdict on your findings. You may include diagrams, graphics, charts, etc. but these are not included in the page count. You must cite at least 3 sources in your paper. These should be documented in MLA format with both a bibliography and inline citations. At least one of these must be from a peer- reviewed journal, and they must all be academic sources, that is, books published by reputable presses (in general, university presses), professional academic, journalistic, or trade websites, etc. If you are unsure if a source meets these requirements, then you may ask me