Session 4 Physical Activity Plan.

Session 4 Physical Activity Plan
Physical Activity Plan
In this session, we explored how physical activity can contribute to optimal health. Consider your current activity level. Does it meet the recommended goals for intake?
In Chapter 10 of your textbook, review thebenefits of physical fitness, the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Physical Activity Guidelines.pdf Physical Activity Guidelines.pdf – Alternative Formats , and then assess your current level of fitness found in your assigned reading.
Write a paragraph that outlines the benefits of physical activity that are most relevant to you. In the next paragraph you should assess your current level of fitness and issues to consider prior to starting a fitness plan (if you are not physically active now).
Finally, using the FITT principle develop a one-week schedule that meets the guidelines outlined by the US DHHS that you could use as a goal schedule. List the days of the week in bullet points and describe your acti