Sharing Expectations of Working with Dissertation Committees

Sharing Expectations of Working with Dissertation CommitteesWalden intends that dissertation/doctoral study committee members work as a team, directly guiding students through the proposal, research, analysis, and ultimately the final oral presentation. Although the committee members are expected to support and facilitate students progress through their doctoral capstone project, students are ultimately responsible for preparing a dissertation/doctoral study that meets the rigors of academic excellence. For this activity, you will prepare for and engage in conversation about the roles and functions of the committee members.

Activity InstructionsTo prepare for this Discussion, answer the following questions by referencing appropriate sources:

What are the roles of a content expert?What are the roles of a methodologist?How does a dissertation chair straddle both roles?What elements should be included in a collaboration contract between chair and student?What are the ideal qualifications of a chair who will support you?What should a chair who supports you expect as your ideal qualifications?

Support your statements by referring to at least one relevant article from a peer-reviewed journal where appropriate.Include proper APA citations and peer-reviewed references.