Inform learners they will write a two-page (maximum) essay addressing actual SHARP issues from your environment – unit, organization, or Army – and making recommendations on how all leaders at all levels can implement potential solutions. The winner will be selected by the commandant and recognized with a certificate of achievement and coin during graduation.  

Title: “Why does the number of sexual assaults continue to increase throughout your unit/organization/Army?” (Choose one)

I. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

A. Opening statement

B. Background information

C. Purpose statement

II. Body (2-4 paragraphs)

A. (Point A) Why does sexual assault occur? Include supporting evidence.

B. (Point B) Does our current approach to training reduce (or not reduce) the risk of sexual assault and harassment? (Could be tied to point A)

C. (Point C) Supporting topic & evidence to support your main point.

D. (Point D) How do we end sexual violence in the military?

III. Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

A. Summarize the main points.

B. Make a strong, memorable final statement.


• Essay must be 1-2 pages in length (title page does not count as a page).

• Essay is an individual activity (although peer editing is allowed).

• Essay must contain two references (ARs, personal interviews, peer review articles, etc.).

• Essay is due on Day 1 of the Assessment Phase (provide students with exact date and time).

• Commandant (or designated representative) will choose the best essay.

Use active voice

Stay away from the words “should”
replace with “we must” or “we will” to avoid ambiguity

When writing an informative essay
use facts to prove your point

Thesis statement must be in the
opening paragraph

Thesis statement must be
understood in a single rapid read. KISS (keep it simple stupid)

The order listed in the thesis
will reflect in your body paragraph.

Do not overthink the thesis
statement; it should be simple and easy

Use a “second set of eyes” for
peer reviewing

Print out a hardcopy of your essay
to edit and make corrections on

For all Army essay’s margins are
to be set to 1 inch all around

Check a thesaurus to avoid
sounding repetitive

Minimize your sentences to 15
words to avoid run ons

Double spacing between lines and
single spacing after ending sentences

Paragraphs will consist of no more
than 10 sentences

Avoid jargon

Check for spelling and grammar

When listing items use the Oxford
comma approach. Example (To bake a cake you will need eggs, milk, and butter.)

Avoid contractions.  Example (can’t, it’s, or won’t)

Do not use unnecessary words such
as “in conclusion”, “I think”, or “just”

Do not ask a rhetorical questions
or a question that you as the author will answer

Capitalize the following words
regardless of context: Army, Soldier, Civilian, and Family.

Use “ctrl F” to search your
document for correct capitalization of the words listed in the previous bullet.

Reopen documents to ensure red
(spell check) or blue (sentence structure) lines are not present.

Use the free website Grammarly to
check for punctuation.

Restate thesis statement in your

Aim for your document to have
below 40% plagiarism by ensuring you are properly citing references

When using acronyms you have to
spell out each word first to inform the reader what the acronym stands for and
put acronym after in parenthesis.  Once
you have defined the acronym you can use the shorthand version throughout the
essay. Example:  Permanent Change of
Station (PCS)

Word count starts from the
introduction paragraph not the title page

Avoid writing like you speak

Why the Military Has a Sexual Assault Problem