Should alcohol be allowed on a college campus?

 Introduceyour controversial issue.
 Presentthe issue so your reader recognizes that it merits attention.
 Createthe context for the issue by giving your readers the background informationnecessary to help them understand your subject.
 Thisparagraph will end with a clear thesis statement that reflects your positionabout this issue.
  Developa well-supported argument that will confirm, challenge, or change your readersviews. Provide evidence for your claims and back up your claims with relevant citations. 
  Addressthe opponents views in the body of your essay. Concede and/or refute theseviews.
  Also,make sure to consider the order in which you present your reasons.  Which are more important to youraudience?  Which matter less? 
  Finally,remember the importance of all of the appeals (ethos, pathos, & logos) inmaking your claim effective. 
  Thisinformation should support your thesis statement.
 Readdressyour position (in different words) and summarize your main points.
 Providesuggestions, offer solutions, or address future directions.
       Works Cited
  List at least two scholarly for the contentyou quoted or paraphrased within your essay.
–       Read Chapters 15, 16, and 17 in Achievebefore you incorporate any sources into your essay. Chapter 15 will help youidentify relevant and reliable sources. Chapter 15 will assist you with correctquotation and paraphrasing techniques. Chapter 16 will help you correctly use MLAformat for in-text citations and Work Cited entries.
–       Also, review the sources available in theMLA Materials folder in D2L.
o  Revise your draft based on peer and instructorfeedback and submit your Final Draft (minimum 1200 words) along with the WorksCited page.
  Makesure you have no more than two quotes.
  CheckTurn-it-in Similarity report to make sure that you paraphrased, quoted, andcited outside materials correctly. To review the report, click on yourpercentage.  This will open a new window, in which you will see sentenceshighlighted.  You should check each of the highlighted sentences forproper citations, including quotation marks and page numbers. Clicking onthe highlighted portions will reveal the source of the sentence that is possiblyplagiarized. 
  Addmore details and revise for unity.
  Editfor grammatical errors.
  CheckMLA formatting (see the Criteria section below for more details).
  Revisethe Scoring Rubric to make sure you have addressed all the categories in therubric.