Follow the directions on the attached document and click on the rubric to view presentation requirements.
Attach a copy of your presentation and your graphic organizer to this assignment and turn it in.
A short summary of the directions:
* Research a topic related to the social and emotional issues of gifted childrenMy topic: Siblings
* Create a presentation based on the NAL strategy targeted for faculty or parents (Reference Chapter 1: New American Lecture (pages 20-33) in your textbook, The Strategic Teacher)Don’t have a copy of the textbook yet? Access it online with thislink.) %20the%20Right%20Research- Based%20Strategy%20for%20Every%20Lesson%20-%20Harvey%20F.%20Silver%20%E2%96 %A0%20Richard%20W.%20Strong%20%E2%96%A0%20Matthew%20J.%20Perini[6955638]. PDF
* Provide a graphic organizer for attendees* Develop an implementation plan so that parents and/or teachers can understand the issue and address it positively