Skin Cancer Prevention

Creating a Reference Page for topic: Skin Cancer Prevention

For this specific assignment you are going to do the following:
Based on your selected topic you are to research for a minimum of 5 sources to help support your paper (more is accepted). The sources need to be credible, preferably from scholarly journal articles and governmental sites (CDC, WHO, United Nations and much more).
The reference page has to be in proper 7th Edition APA format. Please refer to the example paper provided in the course module section. Pay attention to spacing (double space with NO extra spaces between sources, sources need to be in hanging indent form, a header and page number should be included.)
How do you determine if you have a credible source? You should ask yourself these questions:
1. Did you obtain the source from a search engine associated with articles (example: school library, official journal sites, public library, google scholar and much more).
**A minimum of 3 out of the 5 should be journal articles
2. Does the source have a doi#?
3. Do the authors of the source have credentials?
4. Was the source obtained from a governmental site?
**newspapers, blogs, and news sites are NOT accepted.