Soc 236 NYC Mortality

you have 3 pages of maps and/or graphs. Look at the data together. Using what you have learned so far about life expectancy, infant mortality and differences in mortality rates across age and race/ethnic groups, write a short paper describing the data: 
First, talk about the neighborhood you chose, in which borough it is located, and why you chose it (if you chose it randomly, just say that). 
Second, describe the basic demographics of the neighborhood (Who We Are), by discussing the age distribution and race/ethnic composition of the population. 
Third, describe the life expectancy and explain, using basic words, what the life expectancy means. 
Fourth, describe the infant mortality rate and explain, using basic words, what the infant mortality rate means. 
Finally, talk about why you think the age distribution of your neighborhood and the race/ethnic composition of your neighborhood might influence the neighborhoods life expectancy and infant mortality rate. (OPTIONAL: You can also examine some of the other data and maps for your neighborhood if you want to dig a little deeper and try to make some other connections with the data.)