Social Media Upon Body Image

Must use all 10 peer review articles attached on Word document.

1. Per what you will find in the instruction file above, your final paper needs to have a minimum of 8 FULL PAGES of literature review content (i.e., a presentation of what you located in the literature) + the title page + the abstract page + the reference page, thus, you will be turning in a minimum of 11 pages.
2. Be careful of excessive quoting in your paper.  It is acceptable to use quotations as necessary to make relevant points and provide supportive information, but not as a substitute for writing the paper.  Please note: quoting is not writing!
3. Your final paper requires at least 10 academic/peer-reviewed articles as references.  It is acceptable to include articles that are not peer-reviewed, but in addition to any such non-academic articles, you still need to have 10 articles that are peer-reviewed.
4. You will need to submit your paper in WORD format only, as a .doc, .docx or .rtf format file.  No other types of file will be accepted…this means NO PDFs, Google docs, etc!  Please follow this instruction or your paper will not be accepted for grading.
5. Be careful to paraphrase information that you locate from your references, i.e., you must write about such information in your own words, else it is plagiarization. There is a file below (a pdf) that contains samples of what constitutes plagiarization and the correct way to paraphrase.  Please inspect this file to avoid penalties for plagiarized material. Also, on the library page on the college’s website (land on the “Academics” tab on the college’s main website and choose “Library”), scroll down until you see “Research Help” and you will find links to “Citation Help and Database Tutorials,” etc.  Click the link, and on the next page, under the “All Guides” tab, scroll down and choose “Plagiarism and Citation Help.”  Click the red tab for “Avoiding Plagiarism” and explore the excellent information provided.