social psychology theory or concept

Bookused social Psychology 10th edition
In aformal, cohesive, 2-3 paged essay, discuss this theory/concept and how it haschanged your views on this issue.  In your paper, youshould be sure to: 
        summarize and thoroughly explain the concept with detail andexamples
        discuss its origins (e.g., who was the social psychologist whooriginally proposed the theory or coined the concept, when, and what whatexactly was he or she trying to understand or explain?)
        in your own words, review the research findings on the concept(as discussed in your text and other supplemental course materials)
        explain why you have selected this topic, what relevant issueyou have applied it to, and how the theory/concept has helped to change yourperspective or deepen your understanding in some way 
Technical Requirements:
        A minimum of 2-3 pages, 12 point Times New Roman font,double-spaced, with one-inch margins
        All factual statements made in your paper (and all papers inthis class) must be properly cited (both in-text and as a full reference in thereference page) using APA format 
        As evidence for your arguments, you should be thoughtfullyreferencing (and properly citing) what you have learned from the text, and anyrelevant supplemental articles or materials from your modules 
        A reference page should be included