Social Work

Answer the following questions with references SEPERATELY:
Question 1:
Using these two articles:

Motivational Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Approach to Working with Families

discuss two (2) ideas discussed in these articles that were most impactful to you and give your rationale as to the reason for your choices.

Question 2:
Using the attached videos, answer this:

In the “negative example” video, discuss at least three (3) failures that didn’t demonstrate motivational interviewing.
In the “positive example” video, discuss (3) examples that demonstrated skills that represent motivational interviewing.

Question 3:
Using this article:

Answer this:
What are your thoughts about how useful the Client System Assessment tool is for you as a practitioner? How do you see yourself using this tool in practice? (Give an example).

Question 4:
Using the attached article, “Week 7 Social Work Intervention”, Answer this:

Discuss the most significant “purpose of social work intervention” as outlined in the article – as you see it and explain why it is significant to you as a practitioner.
Identify and discuss which method of Social Work Intervention most appeals to you and your reason for this choice.