Sociolgical theories/ concepts applied to Mean girls movie

Mean Girls (2004) – directed by Mark Waters
Paper Instructions: Your paper should be at least one page but no longer than two pages, typed and double-spaced, with one-inch margins and a standard font. In addition to content, you will also be assessed on your writing (grammar, spelling, and mechanics). The major portion of your paper should be an application of sociology. Select a minimum of two sociological concepts and/or theories discussed in class or in the readings. Define the concepts/theories, then describe how they apply to the film you watched. For example, the concept of ethnocentrism refers to viewing or judging other cultures by one’s own cultural standards Perhaps in one of the films, Americans travel to South Africa because they want to invest in building tourist resorts on the pristine beaches. Their desires are met with animosity by South Africans. This may constitute ethnocentrism on the part of Americans as they impose their culture on South Africans who wish to preserve the beaches rather than use them for capital gain. In the assignment, you would first define ethnocentrism then write about how it occurred in the film by providing a detailed example.