Sociology Assignment – Methods Participation

Design a research project involved DATING.
What is your research question? Be specific.
What tools will you use to explore this question, and why? Survey? Interviews? Observation? Content Analysis? 
Will this be a qualitative or quantitative approach?
What are some of the challenges you might face in trying to do this research? 
NOTE! You do NOT have to carry out this experiment yourself. This is an assignment in which the goal is to learn how to create a research question and decide which method of research will help you find the clearest data to help answer your question. There are both benefits and disadvantages in using certain qualitative or quantitative methods, and when you are searching for a certain kind of data, one type of research might be a better fit. Describing WHY you have chosen a particular method and how this will help you find the most relevant data is a very important part of this assignment.