Sociology REAL Experiment

The final part involves comparing the two settings.

Discuss the similarities in the interactions based on your observations and notes
Discuss the differences in the interactions based on your observations and notes
What are the causes of the similarities and differences?
What did you notice? Was there anything that really got your attention in each of the settings? What was it? Why was it notable?
What became apparent that you had otherwise miss in the familiar environment?
Discuss the social structure of each setting.
How does the socialization process impact social stratification?
PLEASE NOTE: These are observations and you are not authorized to formally interview anyone. You may not interact with children under 18 or write about observing children under 18 even if this is an aspect of Part II where you go into a familiar setting. Your own children may not be part of this experiment. You must make note of the fact that children are part of the settings in Part I or Part II but active focus on observation of children under 18 is not allowed.