Source Comparison Sheet

Zimmerman, E. L. (2018). What’s under the hood? The mechanics of leadership versus management. Supervision, 79(10), 13-16.

Source Comparison Worksheet

Read Distinguishing Sources by Type from the University Library.

Read the Porr and Zimmerman articles (see Learning Activities folder).

Analyze and evaluate the Porr and Zimmerman articles for their credibility as a doctoral research source.

Complete the table below. The first row has been completed as an example.

Source Evaluation Criteria


Authors’ credentials and affiliation

Source publication (Is the source peer reviewed according to Ulrich’s?)

Scholarly writing (comment on author’s use of scholarly writing)

Use of supporting evidence

Value as a doctoral research source

Reflection question: Both articles addressed the same topic—leadership versus management. What insights can you gain from comparing the two sources’ research value? How will you apply these insights in your doctoral research?

Based on the readings, write a 125-word evaluative discussion on the differences and similarities between management and leadership styles. Use the pre-formatted pages following this page.

Include in-text citations and a reference list.