speech disorders and how teachers can help families in the early childhood classroom

• Select an issue/topic you wish to address relating to the instruction of students with learning differences or disabilities and the issues regarding Special Needs Students in the Early Childhood classroom today.
• You must review two to three peer- reviewed journal articles or other sources regarding your chosen topic 
relating to Students with Learning Differences or disabilities in education (3-5 sources ).
• You must include a one page introduction where you introduce the issue and summarize what you will cover in your paper. Then you must write a minimum of three pages providing details regarding your topic, including examples and citations. Finally you must provide a one page conclusion where you summarize what you stated in your paper and draw conclusions, including your opinion and what teachers and families can do to address any issues that need resolution.    
• You must provide your viewpoint and opinion regarding the topic in your conclusion.
• You paper must be APA formatted with proper headers for each section.