Based on official information from financial statements and reports or well-developed estimates in the popular financial press, list the revenue sources and amounts and major expenses and amounts of the Super Bowl. Provide a short executive summary of the core operational elements of the enterprise- the main revenues and expenses- and comment on any recent or anticipated changes and trends in revenues and expenses. include the following elements in your sports Organization Revenue and Expenses Assignment: The written text should be 2-3 pages in length. 
 The page count excludes the title page, abstract, reference list, and any appendices. 
 Use the most current editions APA formatting guidelines.  
Support your Sports Organization Revenue and Expenses Assignment with a minimum of three sources that you formally cite and list. The sources should be high quality, relevant, and come from outside of the course materials. You may use and cite the course text, but you are required to use and cite three sources in addition to the course text.