Stage Resilience : How contemporary African American playwrights like Eisa Davis and Suzan Lori-Parks are challenging aesthetically and commercially the insertion of “Black Voices” in “White Institutions” such as Broadway and Off-broadway?

It needs a very concise and profund discussion between the two playswrights’ texts ( concerning the first chapter).
*SLParks,/ Eisa Davis/ African American Theater on Broadway and Off-Broadway are part of the main topic. But the analisys of both plays must be neat and convincing. 

I already have the body of the dissertation and introduction. In case you need to check or change anything let me know. 

A)    What  characteristics of Black theater in America today that hands out and holds water to black voices backwards and forwards on the scene. ( to be developed in 7 pages).**


A)    VII) A) In the scope and final part of this research, I question the importance and relevance of award-winning contemporary African-American playwrights such as Eisa Davis and Suzan Lori-parks, who consolidate, through their writing of black characters, a proper place – in the lack of better term – for black protagonism on the American stage. ( to be developed in 7 pages).**

B) How to decide whether an aesthetic attests to true contemporaneity or whether it merely perpetuates old models with technical accomplishment?
( to be developed in 5 pages).