Statement Journal: Kautilya, Arthashastra, p.13

Kautilya, Arthashastra, p. 13But when the law of punishment is kept in abeyance, it gives rise to such disorder as is implied in the proverb of fishes (matsyanyayamudbhavayati); for in the absence of a magistrate (dandadharabhave), the strong will swallow the weak; but under his protection, the weak resist the strong. 

Please breakdown this quote from the reading that I have uploaded into the files section (please only use that source)
Dont Summarize the reading 
Next create an opinion and state it whether you agree with the quote or not. state why you agree or disagree with it and back up your standing with quotes from the reading 
Make it your own 
This assignment should be an analysis 
You have to either agree or disagree with it. Whether that be a philosophical analysis, a personal counter-example, an alternative, Each journal should be no more than 1 page, single spaced