Statistical Tools for Financial Research Presentation /AN

Please place your bids Assignment Content Obtain the public financial records for at least 3 years for 1 domestic and 1 global organization selected in Wk 3. Analyze the current and expected performance of each organization using financial tools, such as: A ratio analysis A common-size analysis Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation that discusses the key decisions based on your analysis. Include at least 6 charts or tables in your report to show the performance of the organizations so you can depict some of the trends in the financial factors. Include the limitations of your decisions for a multidivisional organization and a multinational organization. Address the following questions: What are the limitations of your analysis if the organization has launched new products in the past few years? How would your inference change if the firm has not launched new products in the past several years? Include an APA-formatted reference slide.