Stem Cells Research

Write a paper addressing: Stem Cells Research

Stem Cells Research: Provide an overview and discuss the ethical aspects of stem cell research. Provide cites for information provided and references for your sources.

Background: Stem cells hold great promise for treating degenerative conditions such as Parkinsons disease and diabetes, understanding genetic illnesses, and answering questions about human development. The main objection is to human embryonic stem cell research because early stage human embryos are destroyed during the process of deriving the stem cells (Hastings Center).

Your paper must be two pages (no more no less — there is a skill in succinctly stating the material.) double spaced, font 12 in times new roman with references on a separate page and include a title page.  All ‘assignments’ (papers) require 2 scholarly references — see the initial “Class begins…”  announcement that was posted prior to class beginning for specifics related to assignments.