Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations

Having a solid strategic plan is only part of organizational success.  You also need to have a communications plan that educates and aligns all key stakeholders around core strategies.  For this assignment:
1. Review this sample communications plan: 
2. Using your selected organization develop your own communications plan that address: (Jackson Health System Miami, Fl)
StakeholdersCommunication Challenges and OpportunitiesCommunity EngagementKey Messages and Communication Goals & ObjectivesStrategies and Tactics
3.  Each section will be graded on its own as well as your ability to develop all sections as part of an interconnected plan.
4. You will be submitting this assignment via Turnitin so use care do not copy and paste content from your selected organization.  Your goal is a similarity score of 10% or less.
Please make sure to provide your references and credit your sources.