Strategy and Leadership in I.T for Canada

Unpaid order – please place your bids Hello I have a MBA project assignment to complete as follows I have to make a selection of at least 2 researchable topics or even 1 will do as long as it combines Strategy and Leadership preferably in a Law firm as that is where i work as an Infrastructure Analyst and my goal is to work in a leadership position in the future for either a law firm or any company , if not it could be a suiting to a global business, the submission for this is by Sunday the 15th 11am , the forms to be filled are attached to this message , i just have to fill the forms with the necessary links outlined in the Excel sheet and then start work on the rest outlined below as we go along and when the topic is accepted by the institute . Let me know what would you charge if you have to do the above by This Friday so i can get approval and we can revise. All the criteria below has to follow Harvard format , ( ) basically however a MBA thesis/dissertation has to look . With the SMART formula etc.. Finding a challenge or a problem and then solving it is the key i believe. Proposal has to be 2500 words – Interim Report Submission (TBD) Final paper dissertation has to be 16000 words – with a Plagiarism score of less than 10 1 PPT with speaker points for 20mins