Strengthening the ‘Materials Management’ module of ERP (enterprise resource planning) in a post pandemic disruptive world

Unpaid order, please apply and place your bids. This Dissertation is for the subject of `Global Supply Chain Management` 1. A systematic literature review is required. (Note: a systematic literature review is not entirely the same as a traditional literature review) 2. The total word count for the dissertation is 15000 words, however the adequate word count for the systematic literature review chapter is not known so the writer should come up with a suitable and appropriate word count for the systematic literature review chapter. 3. The systematic literature review is to be written keeping in mind that, later on, 3 different appropriate and suitable research questions (for this dissertation) would need to be derived from this literature review. Note: A good number of relevant, authentic and authoritative sources/references should be used when writing this literature review. Additional information regarding this dissertation: This dissertation would not contain any primary data collection and would only use secondary data. This dissertation would only use the `qualitative` research design methodology and not the `quantitative` one. A file displaying the structure of the whole dissertation is attached.