Part 1: Stress log

Students will record routine and unique stressors encountered
during 1 week (7 days).  For example, driving to school/work each morning
through heavy rush hour traffic is routine, but getting a flat tire is (one
hopes) unique.  Next, record your psychological and emotional reactions to
these stressors, how you responded physically to the stressors (physiological
stress response), and how you coped with each stressor (use of interventions).

Each log should have
roughly five lines per entry: 1. unique or routine stressor 2. physiological,
3. emotional, 4. behavioral responses, 5. coping methods employed./to be

Be detailed in your
listings in your log, It will help you when you write the paper

Each day should have
multiple stressors listed

Part 2: Formal Scholarly Paper and Analysis

After recording entries for 7 days, analyze your entries,
identifying patterns of stressors, responses, and coping methods. Discuss the
patterns you observe, and include methods that could have been employed to cope
more effectively with the identified stressors, including use of appropriate
university and community resources. Also related to journal research.  A
2-3 paper summary (min. 2 pgs) of your log will be submitted. In the paper itself,
avoid writing about specific situations, write more about themes, overall
issues, styles of anger, conflict management, personality, etc

2pp, min 2-3 refs = C to B range. 

3pp. 4-5 refs = A range

Students are required to cite at least TWO (2)
primary sources (i.e. academic journal articles, etc.) in the paper (APA Style,
7th ed).

Criteria for evaluation of the paper include:1) content2) organization/structure3) integration of relevant theory and class materials4) writing clarity5) originality

Sample Log Entry

Stress Log

Record the following in a journal or diary:

Routine and unique stressors you encounter for 1 week (7 days)

Your responses to those stressors (i.e., physiological,
psychological, and emotional responses or reactions)

Interventions that you used for each stressor, or how you coped
with each stressor.

After recording your entries for 7 days (stressors, responses,
and coping strategies or interventions), analyze these entries. Look for
patterns, and consider other interventions that you could have used to handle
the stressors you encountered. Also consider university and community resources
that could be used to help you cope effectively with stress.  You should
discuss how you used, or could have used, at least 5-6 interventions. 
Following is a list of interventions that are introduced during the

You will be turning in a 2-3 page SUMMARY of your stress log
along with your actual journal or diary (in one doc) – see outline – summary of
your stressors, responses, and interventions that you used, or could have used,
to positively cope with your stressors. The summary should be a Word document;
2-3 pages typed, double spaced; that you upload to Canvas.