Your second assignment is to choose a different theory from the one you chose for Essay 1 and write about how it relates to the personality of the superhero that you wrote about in Essay 1.
Your treatment of your topic must reflect the purpose of the course; that is, your essay must address the psychological theories of the major personality theorists and apply the ideas presented in the research literature to the superheros personality.
When you are writing the second paper, after your introductory paragraph, describe the aspect of the theory that you have chosen to focus on and then present information from the research literature that further describes, illustrates, and supports that theory aspect. Once you have done this, then engage in an analysis of the movie character that you chose to focus on. The analysis of the character must use specific examples from the film and also must be connected back to the theory aspect and the research literature that you presented earlier in the paper.
For this paper, you must use three to four academic (scholarly) sources. These may include original research articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and secondary sourcesthat is, books or articles written by someone with appropriate academic credentials that criticize a piece of original research or that compare several pieces of research on a single issue. Remember to consult the supplementary materials lists that you can find on our course home page, although you are not limited to using the resources in them. All of your sources should have been published within the past five to ten years. The only online sources that you may use are electronically published scholarly journals, such as those that you will find in AU Librarys journal database collection.