Sweet to Swing: Armstrongs influence

Assignment should be 1.5-2 pages.

Armstrong’s 5 innovations that created the “swing vocabulary” dramatically changed the way large ensembles performed jazz and utilized the jazz DNA. Listen, in order, to Whispering (Sweet Jazz, no improv), West End Blues, and King Porter Stomp (Swing Band). Within this context one can hear West End Blues (1928) as a major catalyst and transition between Whispering (1920) and King Porter Stomp (1932). Approach identifying the changes in large ensemble jazz with a “before and after” perspective. (For example, before West End Blues, Sweet jazz bands did X,Y, and Z but after West End Blues, swing bands now do A,B,C etc.) Describe and cite specific moments in the recordings that support your identification of style characteristics and any changes. 

Delve further into the influence of Armstrongs 5 innovations, do you hear any of them in King Porter Stomp? How are they being used? Specifically pinpoint examples of his innovations (technically there are only 4 of them in use in these recordings) and Jazz DNA being used in each track and draw parallels. (For example, Armstrong is using Call and Response like X, Y and Z, King Porter Stomp uses it in a similar fashion at X, Y and Z. Armstrongs innovation of technical virtuosity and swing happen at timing X in West End Blues, and can be heard in solos at timing A in King Porter Stomp.) Always be descriptive and as detailed as possible.