Synthesis Essay

Step 1: Pick only 2 texts from two different authors. You may choose from the following list only: Rudyard Kipling The White Mans Burden George Orwell Shooting an Elephant Chinua Achebe An image of Africa: Racism in Conrads Heart of Darkness Ngg wa Thiong’o The Language of African Literature Derek Walcott A Far Cry from Africa Louise Bennet Dry–Foot Bwoy The Cranberries Zombie John Lennon and Yoko Ono Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday Paul Muldoon Anseo Medbh McGuckian Slips Michael Longley The Ice–Cream Man, Ceasefire Seamus Heaney Digging, The Tollund Man, Punishment, Feeling into Words

Step 2: Write a 500+ word short essay that introduces and analyzes the two texts, explaining how they relate to the same contemporary issue. Your essay should include the following: Open with a topic sentence that identifies the 2 different authors and 2 different text titles that you have chosen to analyze. Briefly describe what Text 1 is about. Then describe what Text 2 is about. Identify the current issue (only one) that both texts relate to. Remember to be specific and name the issue. Write a few sentences describing the current issue. What are its characteristics and concerns? When did you first become aware of this current issue? Relate the current issue to the two texts. Explain how our readingstheir context, contents, and messagespeak to the current issue you identified. o Include at least 2 quotations from Text 1 to show its relationship to the current issue. o Include at least 2 quotations from Text 2 to show its relationship to the current issue.