Talk about the NFL / National Football Leagues football helmet and how its changed over time.

Guideline length: no more than 2 pages plus reference page. Ideas: swimwear, ice skates, sails, rackets, oars….do NOT choose surfboards, which we have covered in class! Try to choose something unusual and do some real research. For example, football helmets are so much written about, if you chose that I will expect the paper to be truly excellent!Something a little less written about, which requires more work, is likely to gain a better grade.
Choose a sport with which you are familiar; select one piece of equipment that shows change over time, then describe and account for that change. You should use references, preferably primary or scholarly, to help you earn a better grade. Think on the macro level: what changes in law, technology, rules, society etc. have caused the change over time in the piece of equipment chosen. Who made it happen, if known? What exactly was the change? When and where did the change(s) happen? Why has it changed? How has it changed?

A quick clarification about the references for the sport equipment paper:

please list the references at the end but then in one sentence, tell me how reliable each reference is, as evidence to me that you have evaluated it.