talk to Action written report (Veteran homelessness in Denver Colorado)

Veteran homelessness in Denver Co

And you’re going to consider at least two ethical approaches maybe you’re going to say from a utilitarian perspective why helping the homeless is going to make a difference for the whole i think it does, but I’d like you to make your own case or maybe virtue ethics maybe it fits under the idea of generosity maybe it fits under some other perspective maybe it fits under loving us when I’m looking at the big O other and I’m doing something about that.
Of the things that you will do in part of this project is you’re going to identify resources that are needed to make a difference some of the resources that come to mind immediately and my sample idea of working with the homeless is how much money would it take who else in the community might be involved in it what would be the role of my local government what would be the role of my state government what would be the role of the national government.

More specifically what actions do you propose to take to be part of the solution in your Talk to Action assignment? Prevention is good long term but outside the scope of our semester. What groups are connecting with veterans? VFW? VA? Wounded Warriors?