Tannen Communication Article writing

Along with the writing assignment I also need an outline

Now that you have read Tannens essay, respond to it by writing your own paper about difficulty in communication and how we can become more skillful communicators. It can be about gender or about some other kind of communication miscue. You can use the prewriting you did last week as a part of this paper (but not the complete paper). You can also use ideas from your freewriting. Your paper should:

Be at least 900 words long

Be in the format of your major

Be double spaced

Include a thesis sentence at the end of your introduction. This thesis should be the message that you want the reader to get from your paper. 

Refer to the Tannen article, using at least two properly cited direct quotes. 

Due Tuesday, 11:59 p.m. EST

Sample paper in Turabian format.

The strength of this paper is the students application of both communication concepts and Christian beliefs as he examines his relationship with his mother. He leaves out a Bibliography, though (never do that!) and there are some grammar errors as well.