Taxes & Nonexempt Status

Students should provide a 1-2 page critique (do not exceed three pages) of the challenges of completing IRS Tax Exempt Form 1023 (Dec 2017).
•Please see attached Form 1023 (in pdf format) on Canvas, week 4.
•You can also get a copy of the form from the IRS website at (Links to an external site.).
1. Your critique should discuss how easy or complicated the IRS 1023 form would be for a new CBO to complete (remember, everyone in this class has a new CBO).
2. You should identify some of the types of information the form asks you to provide, including some of the information listed that a new CBO would not have. List your information by section and number. What would be some of the challenges that a new CBO would face in completing this form?
3. You should provide a summary of your overall thoughts regarding the form. B. Complete the 1023-EZ form that I have provided in Canvas. Remember, if your CBO expects to have income under $50,000 in each of its first three years and is not a church, you can file form 1023-EZ. Please note that (in real life) Form 1023-EZ must be filed online.