Tele Health and Beyond

Describe the need for Telehealth services. Explain the difference between Synchronous Telehealth and Asynchronous Telehealth. Finally, offer your personal opinions related to this new mechanism for health care (first person narration can be used for this final part).Find an article that discusses another new or upcoming technology change. Discuss the main points of the article related to the technology (remember to cite the article). Then explain how nursing will be directly impacted by this new technology listing one positive and one possible downside. Title
Objective (1 paragraph)
Need for Telehealth services. (2 paragraph)
Difference between Synchronous Telehealth and Asynchronous Telehealth. (1 Paragraph)
Personal opinions of Telehealth. (1 Paragraph)
Article on new or upcoming technology change, with main points regarding technology. (remember to cite the article) (3 paragaph)
How nursing is impacted by the new technology discussed in the article you found.  (2 paragraph)
References 1 page