Tell us about Amsterdam and the life in it in Rembrandt’s times.

Watch the first 2 parts (part 1 and part 2 of a documentary on Rembrandt by Simon Shama.This documentary does have a narrative, but what is also important to us, is that it zooms in on Rembrandt’s paintings and gives us a very good glimpse into Rembrandt’s work and technique!With Rembrandt, we are going to be in Northern Europe in Amsterdam, the Nertherlands in the 17th century during Baroque. Thus we will see yet another way of Baroque that may strike you as different yet also offers some similarities to what we already know?When watching, pause and really look closely at the visible brush strokes, the paintings!Answer the following questions:1. Tell us about Amsterdam and the life in it in Rembrandt’s times.2. Examine Rembrandt’s portraits. According to the narrator, why did Rembrandt become so successful?3. What strikes you as a novelty when looking at Rembrandt’s work as opposed to Raphael’s for example?4. Examine Rembrandt’s brush strokes. Give example of visible strokes and think about the ways in which technique conveys meaning to some extent?5. Can you find the drama, light/shadow, space and chiaroscuro we talked about in class also in Rembarndt’s work? Give examples, be explicit.Answers to questions 3, 4, and 5 should be longish paragraphs. Don’t replicate the narrator’s words however. Look and think yourself! I will grade YOUR looking and thinking.