Tesla – motivational strategies and their current leadership capabilities

You are required to analyze one actual firm (could be MNC or SME, I have chosen Tesla but you can choose another one if you`d like) on their motivational strategies and their current leadership capabilities to areas in which the firms can enhance or improve on their operations, developing innovative capabilities, and strategies for success in a global environment by applying relevant theoretical framework such as from the motivation and leadership chapters. Suggested framework but not limited will include 1) Cover Page (Name and student ID), Table of Content 2) Firm background 3) Identification of issues / challenges 4) Analysis and Argument 5) Application and Recommendation 6) References and Composition. The report should NOT be more than 10pages long (Font size 12, Calibri, and single line spacing). You will need to cite any references that you have incorporated in the report. Please, please, please utilise information on the textbook to ensure a high mark. There is a chapter on motivational strategies and leadership – The professor loves it when students refer to the textbook.