The ’90s: The Inside Stories From the Decade that Rocked

Read the entire excerpt from the Rolling Stone book, The ’90s: The Inside Stories From the Decade that Rocked, which provides an overview of the major trends in the music world during the 1990s. Attached below are links to this excerpt and to two other excerpts, “Kurt Cobain: The Rolling Stone Interview” and “Rolling in Compton with Snoop and Dre”. Follow these links and read those articles as well.
After completing this reading assignment, write a one-page review of the excerpts, citing any material of particular interest to you with regard to music of the 90s. Use everything you’ve learned in the course regarding the music industry, American culture, personal lives of musicians, etc. as you write this review. I want to see evidence of the understanding you’ve developed through the course in your writing.  Be sure that you comment on all three excerpts and include your unique perspective on what each has to offer.  Do not fill your paper with large blocks of quotes from the articles;  the majority of your paper should be your thoughts and words.  As always, assume your reader has no knowledge of these articles, so provide enough information to provide context for your commentary.