the Argentinian brand MAYDI and my CREATIVE CONCEPT SLIDE

Luxury brands and NFTsBrands such as LV and BURBERRY. Have collaborated with major digital channels and games to create NFTs. In a post-pandemic world the transition to online has not only affected the consumer behaviours but is also changing the product ranges themselves. Luxury markets like to create a sense of exclusivity and owning the rights to a non fungible token is an effective way of doing so whilst following in the footsteps of major luxury brands. This is an emerging theme and a perfect time to jump on the band waggon in an innovative way and will help the brand position itself along side the western luxury market leaders.The launch into luxury markets would consist of a collaboration with a digital artist to produce NFTs that you would purchase with the garment. The runway fo the collection drop would be digitalised and when purchasing the item the portion of your digitalised garment being walked down the runway would then be yours and timeless. You would own the right to the catwalk nft.