The cultural assignment

Write the assignment in essay format Please do not write the questions on the paper. (refer to blackboard cultural assignment for scoring and further details)
Preparing for the paper Create an Outline

Capture readers interest– For the purpose of this assignment I am interviewing _______ my__(elder relationship)______who is representing the ( name of cultural/racial or ethnic group). He/she shared the cultural history, customs, values and traditions of the ______ people. We conducted this interview in ( location/ via Zoom or in the living room in the Bronx while enjoying a cup of coffee).
Build case through logic
Definition of one element of the culture, (refer to the textbook and your notes, for example language, values, beliefs, sanctions, etc.) What makes this unique to our culture?

Describe one custom or tradition and how the custom or tradition is practiced.  Give an example from your culture- Ask the person tell me about our culture, tell me more about this value, tell me more about our belief in _____. What happens in our culture when someone does follow this norm?

How has your group changed over time, from the perspective of your elder. What does your elder see as contributing to this change? You will need to identify one of the concepts from the textbook when describing the change. Define the type of change based on readings from the text is the change one of the key concepts from the textbook. For example globalization, diffusion, immigration, technology. You will use the example your elder provided, and link to a concept. 
Example– Of the change in the culture why and how has this change occurred? When did this __ stop? Why do you think it ended?
Restate topic
Summarize three main points– Use a scholarly article to reinforce your interview
Revisit introduction or tie all ideas together