The Extrinsic and Intrinsic Pathways That Cause Blood To Clot Both Activate Which Clotting Factor

of blood is reduced ing capacity of is a condition in which the h. Polycythemia c. Leukocytosis d Leukopenia called a(n) ss. A blood clot that drifts through the circulatory system is a. thrombus b embolus c platelet plug d. vascular spasm c thrombocyte ins? 66. Which organ synthesizes most of the plasma protei a. liver b. kidneys c pancreas d. heart e. spleen age s and recycled macroph 67. The is an organ where most red blood cells are engulfed by heart. b. thymas e spleen. d. kidney e. lymph nodes 68. The most abundant WBC in a differential count of a healthy individual is the: a. neutrophil. b. basophil c. lymphocyte d. monocyte e. leukocyte. 69. The appearance of many petechiae (small bruises) may be a symptom of a. leukopenia b. thrombocytopenia c. leukocytosis d. thrombocytosis e. erythrocytosis 70. A blood clot that forms in an unbroken vessel is called a(n) a. embolus b. thrombus c. plaque d. embolism e. platelet plug
The white blood cells that produce antibodies are the 72. An increase the in the number of which formed element would have the greatest affect on the a. platele b. neutrophil c. erythrocyte 73. The extrinsic and intrinsic pathways that cause blood to clot both activate which clotting factor? a PF-3 b. TF e. factorX d. vitamin K e, fibrin 74. The blood type that can receive all other blood types is: a. A b, B C. AB a. if the release of the hormone is controlled by a neural stimulus b. if the release of the hormone is controlled by a humoral stimulus e. if the release of the hormone is controlled by a hormonal stimulus For questions 75 through 79, use the following choices: 75. cortisol 76. ADH 77. epinephrine 78. oxytocin 79. glucagon
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