The Impact Of Free Trade to Developing Countries

1, Introduction 
-What’s free trade, its goals, success and failures, and impact to the economic growth around the world, the role of institutions that promote free trade e.i. WTO, IMF,… (little history). [1 page]

2, Discuss 4 major advantages (positive impacts) and 4 major disadvantages (negative impacts)of free trade towards developing countries in depth (give examples of deals between countries or companies). Benefits and opportunities it creates to developing countries [5 pages] 

3, briefly discuss the importance of technology in free trade and Protections of intellectual property rights in trade towards developing countries [ 1 page] 

4, Examine one developed and one developing country: comparison. Provide data [1 page]

5, Discuss the impact of trade barriers and comparative advantage theory towards developing countries. [2 pages]

6, Has free trade been a realistic aspect to developing countries? Is free trade fair? Why and why not? [1 page]

7, Recommendations. Given the impact bad or good, what needs to be done. [ half page]

8, Conclusion (add some personal opinions) (half page]