The Mind Trap Garden by Ian Price

For this project you are asked to find and select a successful show garden from Chelsea, Floriade, Hampton
Court, Montreal or any international level show garden from the last 5-6 years.
As emerging design professionals you have been taught the principals of design
Read the designers vision or brief for your chosen garden then consider and briefly discuss how this vision was
expressed and how well their goal was achieved.
Your analysis needs to consider:
 spatial organization
 cultural bias
 planned interactions of visitors with the space
 themes and how they were expressed
 what aspects/elements or patterns were integrated
In your analysis you may want to consider what ‘successful’ means for show gardens, how or what determines
what success is.
Often visitors to these gardens look at the gardens superficially and experience the space visually or physically
(if the garden permits visitors to walk through). They may not know that their experience has been designed,
that the forms, organization, plants, and structures have been crafted to elicit a certain response. As designers
you will be the ones designing such gardens, creating visions or eliciting responses emotional or visceral from
those who experience the spaces that you design. Analyzing the gardens of others will give you a starting point
to understanding how this can be done in the temporary spaces that are show gardens.