The Native American ‘Problem’ in the South- US HISTORY to 1870

Why did the national policy of assimilating the Native American tribes fail? The Cherokee did assimilate completely; they lived in houses, wore ‘white’ clothing, spoke English, sent their children to school, etc., and the Supreme Court ruled in their favor. What arguments did the government use to justify removal of the Five Tribes (including the Cherokee)? What could the indigenous people have done differently? Would more aggressive tactics have proven more persuasive? Why or why not?  Compare the treatment of the Native Americans to the treatment of black slaves.  Why were they treated differently? Give examples.

The essay should be one full page of text (double spaced). Please find a source for your work; it can be either primary or secondary (no textbooks or encyclopedias, please!). Use correct APA formatting for your source in the reference area following your work. You can access this site to understand more about correct APA formatting: